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Stevie Eagle E Videos.

Some of the videos featuring, directed by, produced by or starring Stevie Eagle E

Sam Fox and Stevie Eagle E

Samantha Fox and Stevie Eagle E perform live for TV


Zen live show at Hammersmith Palais in London

Night Comes Down

Stevie Eagle E and Harlieghblu music video 

Show Me the Way to Go

Mid 90's Stevie Eagle E with Doc B and Tanya T

Staying Alive

Stevie Eagle E and Doc B  perform their track Staying Alive live on their TV show Phat and Phunky

That's the Way I like it

Stevie Eagle E with his 14 Dancers perform the dance routines for his video

I got the Funk

Tanya T with Stevie E in I got the funk video

Slo Jam

Stevie Eagle and DJ Sassy in Slo Jam video

Chillin with My Girlfriend

Stevie Eagle video featuring Ms Dynamite

Santa Maria

Stevie Eagle E and Samantha fox on her hit track Santa Maria

Live in London

Stevie Eagle E and various shlepp artist perform live at a huge show in London

Live Club gig

Stevie Eagle E and Doc B perform live at a Club in the uK in the 90's

Rock Your World

Stevie Eagle E with Doc B and Tany T video in the  late 90's

Live on Tour

Stevie Eagle and Doc B live on tour in Europe in the 90's

Phat and Phunky

Stevie Eagle E and Doc B on their TV Show

Pleasure is my business

Stevie Eagle E and Doc B perform one of thier songs in the studio


Stevie Eagle E with Princess in Ride featuring Doc B and Alias One

Live in China

Stevie Eagle E performs with Ayi Jihu in China

Belly Dancer

Stevie Eagle E with Korean Star Shim Mina compilation


Stevie Eagle E with Rebecca Hayes in Mink video


Action Amanda and Stevie Eagle E in 12345 taken from his No.1 selling kids album

Studio video

Stevie Eagle E with Harlieghblu Low in Shlepp Studios performing Night comes 

Kiss Kiss

Stevie Eagle E features in Korean Star Shim mina's video

Night comes down studio

Stevie Eagle E and Harlieghblu low in Shlepp Studios London

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