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Stevie Eagle E - Testimonials

Macau Business Mag

Stevie Eagle E Created, produced and shot the first Reality TV show in Macau China (The Vegas of the East).

Macau business magazine article on Stevie Eagle E
Bari Bacco the King of Male Strip Shows

Bari Bacco

Founder of the Dream Boys

Writter and artist mananger

known as the King of Male strip shows.

Bari Bacco testimonial on Stevie Eagle E and Shlepp Entertainment
James W Smith With Sly Stallone

James W Smith

Actor on  films such as Rambo and Independence Day

Film Producer, Director and Writer CEO of TriUS Ent


Tri Us Entertainmen Testimonial on Stevie Eagle E
Flaminia Graziadei film Director

Flaminia Graziadei

Award-winning film director


I’ve met Stevie in 2012 when I arrived in London. He proved himself immediately to be very talented artistic and enterprising .


At first he was looking after the PR and marketing of my company, but soon after we extended our collaboration to the co-production of a short film. He helped me also with creating the trailer, showing good knowledge of the film language as well as interest and sensitivity towards a very controversial subject like Child abuse.


Recently we started collaborating again on the production of two bigger scale film, both with my direction, which I hope are going to turn very successful, as the subjects are very engaging.


Stevie is strong minded, very creative, he thinks outside the box and establishes his presence in the entertainment business without compromises…in his own original way!

Desmond Marshall

Desmond Marshall

Md of Rouge International。Venture Capital


Stevie is a long time professional in the entertainment field, with the creativity and tenacity in delivering quality work, and the integrity that the world desperately lacks today. 

Hon. Madame Ambassador Lady Jasmine Booker

Mr. Stevie Ellis is a wonderful gentlemen of whom showed great character, integrity, and professionalism towards BAFOL, Inc. The quality of his work in promoting BAFOL, Inc. and being a consultant met our needs and would recommend him for any large or small project on a global scale. 

Producer and film director Freedom Born

Freedom Born (Scott Mason)

Artist, Director, Writer, Musician


About a week ago my dear friend asked me to write a testimonial. I procrastinated and prolonged the writing, not because he’s unworthy of my immediate attention and not because I didn’t have the time but because I knew it would be the easiest piece of literature I’d ever write.


I met Stephen “Eagle E” Ellis exactly twenty seven years ago, at that time we were on two separate missions: I was developing an artist who is now respected as a soul diva in the eyes of many and he was already working with a legend (those names will remain anonymous). The impression that I walked away with still remains with me to this day. I saw a young man who was daring enough to approach a superstar because he believed that he had something valuable to bring to the tables, a man who was not afraid of a great challenge. About a week later I was in the next room when played his proposed song now with vocals and I remember thinking ‘this guy is a professional producer and an excellent songwriter.’ Eventually I moved back to America, met my wife and focused on raising a family.


It would be approximately twenty years before our paths crossed again vicariously through a mutual friend named JR. I reached out to Stephen one morning and asked if he remembered me; to which he replied, yes I do. I told him that I always admired him and was happy to see that he was still doing things at a high level. I also shared that ‘I wanted to work with him back then but I wasn’t ready.’ That’s when Stephen invited me to London to work on the, That Ain’t Right Video for Ayi Jihu featuring Movemakers. It was so much fun. A few month later he invited me to Brazil to work on another project and I think it was then that he began to truly believe in me.


Today, I know Stephen very well and I can say honestly that, not only do I admire his works but I love him earnestly. If you’re trying to get over he’s not the guy you want to meet but if you’re trying to bring something to the table he will prepare a feast. Stephen has a heart of gold, he’s a warrior but he’s also a comforter. He’s strong for you when he sees that you need support and he’ll breathe life into your dreams when they need CPR if you are real.


The following statement is something most people will never see manifested and that is this, though he may appear to be Superman, he’s only human and capable of shedding a tear. He experiences highs and lows burdened with trials and tribulations just like you and I.


I’m proud to know that he comes to me first when he needs help, it tells me that he knows that I’m there for him and I know that he’s there for me.

Top Photographer Santoshi Padhiar testimonial on Stevie Eagle E

Santoshi Padhiar

Founder and CEO of Tiny Angels Art Photography


I've worked with Stevie for many years. He was one of the first people I worked with during the early stages of my career as a Photographer. During my early days of still learning and getting my head around all my new gear, posing, lighting and editing. I remember Stevie's guidance and encouragement.


He helped me to believe in myself and my work. Most importantly, I remember how he told me to always check my work! Those words have never left me and it is why I spend so much time making sure everything looks perfect and presentable today.


The great thing about Stevie is that he is a go getter! If you work with him, that attitude soon rubs off on you. He encourages and supports, also criticises when needed, only to help you improve further.


Thank you Stevie for kicking off my career in the right direction. Your words of encouragement and wisdom still resonate in my work today. Santoshi Padhiar



Rob Yoder senior qualty engineer testimonial on Stevie Eagle E

Rob Yoder

Senior Quality Engineer (Aviation)

Nature Photographer


Stevie and I met and became friends through work in the late 1980s.  I was preparing to transition from civilian life to one in the military, and Stevie was instrumental in preparing me for basic training with fitness and martial arts coaching.  At work or during exercise I appreciate the commitment, integrity, and respect Stevie imparted.


Currently I work as a Senior Quality Engineer for a manufacturer of aviation solutions and enjoy wildlife and landscape photography.  I also have a growing passion for the environment and animal rights.  In each of these endeavors I’m guided by commitment, integrity, and respect.  I thank Stevie for our friendship and those gifts that continue to enable me to grow as a world citizen.



Rob Yoder

Amit Padhiar Barnardos Australia testimonial on Stevie Eagle E

Amit Padhiar

Barnardos Australia


I had the pleasure of working with Stevie early in my photography carer, his ability to think out of the box and push boundaries in his art simply excelled my creativity to another dimension and together we created some amazing work. Stevie empire is a motivational hub for anyone entering the creative space, with his experience and Vision you will only grow your skills into the person you were meant to be not the person the world wants you to be! Thank you Stevie for making me see in my young days that anything and everything was possible!

Agnes Szepligeti Testimonial for Stevie Eagle E

Agnes Szepligeti

Fashion Designer and owner of Luxuria


I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Stevie Eagle on one of my first fashion event in the UK. As a Hungarian designer, he was helping me and supporting me to build my brand and give awareness of my work in the new market by broadening the horizon of opportunities.

Stevie is a real professional, with his heart in the job he's doing. It was a great experience and hope to work with him again.

Brandon Q W McConnell  CEO of Quillans Music Management

Brandon Q W McConnell

CEO of Quillans Music Management


Stevie E Ellis at Shlepp Entertainment is a great producer. He's professional, friendly and works tirelessly to get your music right. Stevie really listens to your specifications, and takes cues from you to create something cool that flows with each individual artist sonically and stylistically regardless of genre, whether it's Rock, RnB, Hip-hop, indie, pop - he can nail it! And if you're not keen on something he lets you speak your mind and amendments can be made, and it always turns out right.


His thousands of hours of expertise really come through, as he comes up with great ideas and suggestions, is very quick, efficient and creative. He is patient and pleasant to work with and really wants to give you the best production service possible. Your music is in safe hands with Stevie, I can't recommend him highly enough.


Thanks for all your hard work Stevie, I'm very pleased with the results from Stevie working with my singing artists! Stevie has always shown me politeness, motivation, intelligence, understanding and put 100% into all he has produced for me.


It gives me immense pleasure in recommending Stevie E Ellis for any music project, I have worked with many music producers in my career but none with a sharp understanding and knowledge of music such as Stevie.

CEO of Quillans Music Management

Mr Brandon Q.W. McConnell

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