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Jasmine (let it Show) Jane Maria and Toyin Adekale - official
Shlepp Entertainment Ltd/Shlepp Records

Jasmine (let it Show) Jane Maria and Toyin Adekale - official

Jasmine (Let it show) The full official song and video - Reggae Meets Opera - East Meets West! Jasmine (let it show). The International musical and visual collaboration bringing together Chinese Opera Star Jane Maria ( ) and Reggae Legend Toyin Adekale with a new take on a Chinese classic 'Jasmine flower' fusing Reggae and Opera with a hint of Bhangra. Also featuring Bhangra Legend Tubsy Dholki Walla, Saxophonist Maureese Itson (from TalithaVoices choir), The TalithaVoices Choir and the CEC Choir along with the Sam Driz ensemble and a host of international musicians from the USA, Philippines, China, UK, and Africa with Reggae Legend Toyin Adekale being Nigerian, this track is truly representative of the global vibe of peace and love we all wish to see hear and NEED right now. Jasmine is dedicated to Bakari Tashan (Fofana) Cross. Toyin's son who died before the song and video where completed. His wish was for his mother to continue to fly and she flies high on through Jasmine (Let it show). RIP Bakari. The concept was brought together by Stevie Eagle E and produced by Stevie Eagle E for Shlepp Entertainment Ltd/Shlepp Records. Jasmine Flower is a traditional Chinese folk song Additional writing and melodies by Stevie Eagle E and Toyin Adekale. Jasmine was recorded in 4 different countries France, UK, China and USA and the video shot in 4 Different Countries. Jasmine pays homage to its Chinese roots sticking close to the melodies and lyrics from the traditional song but then it takes a different slant with the English lyrics and melodies written by Stevie Eagle E and Toyin Adekale to complement the vibe and message of the original but also to put their twist on it. Jasmine (let is show) Is Stevie Eagle E’s adaptation of Jasmine Flower. The project has taken almost a year to complete and there are many stories within the story of Jasmine yet to be told. It has changed lives and continues to do so, such is the power of music and love. The single is set for release on the 10th of December 2018. Jasmine brings together the vibe and sound of reggae with the power and beauty of Opera in a unique, simple and compelling way. Let it show! Get the full story of Jasmine here Song produced by Stevie Eagle E Adapted and written by Stevie Eagle E and Toyin Adekale Video Directed and produced by Stevie Eagle E for ©Shlepp Entertainment ltd DOP Fitzgerald Stevens Second Camera Tray Dingle Chinese production team: Head of Production – ID Yellow DOP - Jimo ©Shlepp Entertainment Ltd/Shlepp Records 2018 The full line up can be found on the website - #JasmineLetitshine #ReggaeMeetsOpera #Jamaica #China #Africa#France #UK #Seattle #USA #StevieEagleE #ShleppEntertainment#ToyinAdekale #JaneMaria #TubsyDohlkiWalla #Diamondmediaproductions
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