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Welcome to the website of Singer, Songwriter, Actor and Model Rage

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About Singer Ragè

Shlepp Entertainment singer Ragé

Get ready for Ragè, pronounced 'Rah Jay'

Looks like RAGE but Ragè is all about the opposite, LOVE.


Shlepp Entertainment present the new and compelling sound of LA singer Songwriter Ragè.


From acting to modeling Ragè is no stranger to the LA entertainment scene, but it is with his singing and songwriting that Ragè wishes to truly make his mark.


A Deep, real and conscious writer, with a voice that harks to Smokey Robinson and Isely Jasper Isley and then throw in a little Al Green in there for good measure. 


Ragè is not only just a singer or songwriter, he is a movement, a whole new way of thinking and he is coming soon on Shlepp Entertainment.  

Now under the wings of Stevie Eagle E Ragè will be releasing his singles and album in 2019.

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