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Terms and conditions for love reflection hope show 

*Money donated or paid through the PayPal button will go to Shlepp Entertainment Ltd through our PayPal email address  Shlepp will donate the funds to the Royal Free Hospital through its charity page here the amount raised can be viewed on this site at any time after the event. 


Any funds donated are not refundable.  Shlepp Entertainment Ltd will try to deliver the best service through internet connections that is available but cannot take responsibility for outages, drops or low bandwidth that may cause interruption or connection problems to anyone streaming the event.  Shlepp Entertainment Ltd reserve the right to disconnect anyone who is using foul or abusive language during our broadcasts.  The artist has the right to disconnect any person for any reason who is communicating with them during their Q&A. 

The schedule for the event that has been published can be changed or delayed on the day.  Shlepp Entertainment Ltd will do its best to inform you in advance via email, social media or the website of any changes or cancellations to the event.

Please remember you have TWO OPTIONS to just donate (by hitting the just donate button above or visiting our fundraising site here or to purchase a pass and donate (which you can do by hitting the PayPal button above or going here:

Shlepp Entertainment Ltd/Shlepp TV has no control over the content the artist perform or what they say.  Each artist has put together their own show at home for this event.  

If you have any questions please contact us at we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Shlepp Entertainment ltd/Shlepp TV will not email or contact you unless it is connected to this event.  All details sent a kept strictly confidential.  You will not receive any marketing emails unrelated to this event.  Shlepp Entertainment is planning future fundraising events and will only email you in the future to let you know about these fundraising events.  If you do not wish to be emailed regarding future fundraising events please let us know by email. Your email address or info will never be passed on to any third party!


Any NHS staff who send us their details will automatically receive a free pass to all our future fundraising events for Coronavirus.  Your information is confidential and will never be passed on to any third parties.  You will not receive marketing emails from us or any unrelated emails.  You will only receive your free pass and information or free passes to future coronavirus related fundraising events for the NHS.

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