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Shlepp Entertaiment artist Phoebe Austin

Welcome to the wonderful, Magical world of teenage prodigy Phoebe Austin.

Phoebe Austin Music Videos

Phoebe Austin Videos

Phoebe Austin Bio

Phoebe's journey began at the age of 5.  Inspired, like many, by something she saw and heard, in her case 'Wicked' the musical, Phoebe loved it and began to sing.  Unlike many, Phoebe Austin kept singing and singing and singing and from the tender age of 5 made her mind up that there was only one path for her and that was to sing!


Those closest to Phoebe could see this was not just going to be a 'passing fancy'.  Nurturing a  desire like Phoebes at that age can be expensive especially for some and so Phoebe Austin was bought a second-hand guitar at the age of seven and took up lessons in Primary school.  Phoebe Austin was always different from her peers.  Sensible, focused, talented, kind and dedicated.  All of these things meant Phoebe Austin did not fit in very well with others her age.  They wanted to play around, she wanted to play the guitar.  They wanted to hang out, she wanted to write and sing.  Phoebe Austin found herself alone with her music and with music being her only true friend phoebe dedicated herself to that friend.


True talent can be helped by many things including money, but extraordinary talent can never be buried or subdued. Like many young ladies Phoebe's age she discovered 'Taylor Swift'.  Inspired by her Phoebe Austin set about learning all her songs.  Excited, willing and ready to show her stuff Phoebe approached her school asking to perform at an assembly.  This was to be Phoebe Austin's first taste of disappointment as the school would not allow her.  Failure and disappointment can affect many negatively for life.  It affected Phoebe for a while, but she bounced back deciding instead to write her own songs and perform them at a local music festival.  That performance led to her winning best newcomer and Phoebe Austin, singer, songwriter, artists and prodigy was truly born.


Performance after performance followed, accolade after accolade was acquired and song after song was constructed.  Phoebe Austin began to truly believe in herself and as that belief grew so did her talent and abilities.


It was only a matter of time before Phoebe Austin was discovered although one wonders 'What took everyone so long?'.  Rare gems like Phoebe cannot stay hidden forever.  When artist manager Brandon Q W MCconnell saw and heard Phoebe Austin he knew straight away this was something special and he also knew who could cut this fine diamond.  Brandon introduced Phoebe to Stevie Eagle E, CEO of Shlepp Entertainment and the rest shall we say is and will be history.  Stevie Eagle E immediately saw the talent and potential in Phoebe Austin and signed her to Shlepp Entertainment Ltd for development.


Phoebe Austin will define music for a generation if not longer.  There is simply no one like her at the moment but it will take time for her to be truly recognised by the world because she is so different.   Her goal is simple, write, play and perform and wherever that takes her she is happy as long as she can express herself through the music and writing.


Phoebe is now working on her debut album 'Perfectly/Imperfect - The magical mystical world of Phoebe Austin' being produced by Stevie Eagle E.  Phoebe will be releasing singles until her album is completed and then compile those singles to make an album.  Phoebe Austin recently signed with super manager Qadree El-Amin who managed among other greats Michael Jackson.  The future for Phoebe Austin is not written, but it looks bright.  Very bright.


Phoebe Austin Photos

Browse through Phoebe Austins Gallery.  Signed pictures are available for £20 plus postage and packing and will be mailed worldwide.  If you require a signed phoebe Austin picture please contact us

Phoebe Austin Music

Phoebe Austin Blue back 01 (Shlepp Ent P

Phoebe Austin started writing and playing at the age of just 6 years old!  She writes all her own music from scratch and has now developed her musical ability to play the piano.

Phoebe Austin does most of her writing with working with a guitar and then her music is produced in a studio.  Click on the Spotify players to listen to some of her songs, or visit Phoebe Austin on Spotify and listen to all the music including her acoustic mixes


From the BBC to local and global press, Phoebe Austin has made her mark and continues to garnish attention around the world

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Shlepp Entertainment - Stevie Eagle E


Qadree El-Amin - SouthPaw Entertainment

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