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Shlepp Entertainment (Stevie Eagle E) worked on this award-winning film by Flaminia Graziadei.  

We also did the PR, Marketing, Social Networking and Web building for this film.  A film which looks into the effects of panic attacks and the life-changing reality many who suffer from panic attacks have to deal with.  Inside Out won many film awards globally.

I Believe in Monsters

Our second film dealing with sexual abuse and revenge.  Again Produced and directed by Flamina Graziadei. 

InGlorious Bar Studs AKA S.A.D The Movie

In Production


Our first full-length feature that has been in development for many years.  Fearchaser was based loosely on Chinese star Ayi Jihu's on life and developed into a Fantasy adventure about a superhero who could see and fight your fears.  It became a popular video game with 25 Million players worldwide.  We are still in the process of putting together this film which has a blockbuster type production budget.

(Sisters Helping Eachother).

Our latest film deals with the horror of Rape and tells the story of how 4 women who overcome this by joining together and helping each other.  Based on real-life stories and experiences SHE is a deep and compelling drama.

Shlepp Entertainment Ltd produce films all around the world

Shlepp Films

Please take a moment to check out some of our films below.  We are always looking for interesting film projects to get involved with, from production to PR and marketing, soundtracks and editing.  Perhaps you would like us to make your trailer, synopsis or help in another way.  Perhaps you need help in raising capital or finance for your project or film.  Also we are always looking for bright and talented people to work with us on our projects and films.  Drop us a line if we can do anything for you, or  you feel you can do something with us.  There is no charge for your initial consultation.
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