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Children's Easter in the Favela

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Every year at Easter we try to do something special for the kids in the Favela.  This year due to COVID-19 we are aware that the kids and their parents in the Favela need help more than ever.  We cannot throw our usual party for the kids.  So this year we are going to deliver them some food and some goodies along with toys to play with while they are at home.  We ask you to help us help them.

On Easter April 4th 2021 in the Itinga Favela of Brazil.

"Lokos da Favela" in association with Kaos MC, EEDB and Shlepp Entertainment will deliver food, toys and goodies to the kids of the Favela and their families with special chosen people to help them through this pandemic.  The more you donate the more families and children we can help through this.  We thank you in advance for your help.


Todos os anos, na Páscoa, tentamos fazer algo especial para as crianças da Favela. Este ano, devido ao COVID-19, estamos cientes de que as crianças e seus pais na Favela precisam de ajuda mais do que nunca. Não podemos dar nossa festa de costume para as crianças. Portanto, este ano vamos entregar a eles comida e alguns presentes, além de brinquedos para brincar enquanto estão em casa. Pedimos que você nos ajude a ajudá-los.

Na Páscoa, 04 de abril de 2021, na Favela de Itinga, no Brasil.

"Lokos da Favela", em parceria com Kaos MC, EEDB e Shlepp Entertainment, entregará comida, brinquedos e guloseimas para as crianças da Favela e suas famílias, com pessoas escolhidas especiais para ajudá-las nessa pandemia. Quanto mais você doar, mais famílias e crianças poderemos ajudar. Agradecemos desde já a sua ajuda.

About Páscoa das Crianças

Ok Still don't quite get it lets make it simple.

We are helping the kids of the Favela and their families this Easter

We provide them with Food, Toys, Clothes.  

We want your help to for this year's event. 


Donate any amount you can afford to help these children and their families.


We will put you on our thank you wall so they will know who has helped them this year.


Before we had donations from celebrities and stars like Tito Jackson.  As well as organizations like UPMI and Estella's Brilliant Bus.

100% of your donations go towards the event and helping kids in our favela.


A big thank you from us and the Kids of the Favela Itinga Lauro de Freitas Bahia for your donation.  Join Legends like Tito Jackson, stars like Toyin Adekale and Kids Boxing Champ Tyler Ford along with others and donate to help the kids of the favela in Brazil.  Welcome to our wall of fame.  Click on a picture to learn more.

click here to donate any amount

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Detailed information please read

All donations are collected by Shlepp Entertainment Ltd on behalf of Lokos Da Favela, Kaos Mc and the Children of the Favela.  Donations can be any amount.  100% of your donations go to the Children's Easter event on the 12th of April 2020.  Your donation amount is not displayed on our wall of fame.  If you do not wish to have your picture displayed on our wall of fame as a donator please contact us and we shall remove your details.  Shlepp Entertainment Ltd is not a registered charity and only collects your donations of behalf of Lokos Da Favela and Kaos MC who produce the event.  The event is sanctioned by the local government of Lauro de Freitas in Bahia, Brazil.  We accept donations of any amount and use them to purchase Food, Clothing, Toys, Sweets and drinks for the kids.  If you have any further questions or queries or would like to get involved in any other way please contact us at Info@shleppentertainment.com

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