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About Shlepp

Shlepp Entertainment Ltd is a boutique entertainment company.

We can help you develop your yourself as an artist allowing you to stand out and compete with the best.  We do this by working with you from scratch (if needed) to produce and develop any or all aspects of your game that needs improving - Your music, production, writing, image, branding, social media, SEO, PR and Marketing.  We have developed many artists from household names to those just starting out and everything in between.


Shlepp Entertainment Ltd also helps you develop your business and products.  Although we specialise in the entertainment industry we work with business and individuals in other areas from fashion to sport and health.  


Started by Artist, producer and songwriter Stephen Ellis AKA Stevie Eagle E or Eagle E, Shlepp has its hands in all areas of the entertainment industry while remaining independent.  We work with dedicated professional partners to produce and expose our projects, artists, and media.  We also work with all the major names and businesses in the entertainment industry.


Shlepp Entertainment Ltd has a unique style and approach to working with artists and projects developing icons and iconic brands by carefully building profiles using social networking and high-quality media.  This unique approach stems from the mind and heart of its founder Stevie Eagle E who has a hands-on approach with everything Shlepp does.  


Stevie Eagle E will only work on projects and artists that he feels connected with and that will have a positive impact.  This makes the selection process and criteria different from many other entertainment companies.  Setting Shlepp apart from the rest.

If you need help getting yourself as an artist of the ground, or improving your game or, if you have a product or brand that you want to get out there in the best way please give us a call.  No matter what your budget is I'm sure we can help you.


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