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G Salvatore Fashion Showcase


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Fashion - Music - Stars - Beauty

Friday 7.30pm - 9.30pm  20th April 2018,  Cloud Sisha, Cardiff, Wales

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G Salvatore Fashion Showcase Wales
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G Salvatore Fashion
Luxury Fashion designer Agnes Szepligeti
G Salvatore Showcase sponsored by tim Rice designs
Many Thanks to quillans music managment for their help in supporting this event

About the event

G Salvatore Fashion UK

The G Salvatore Fashion Showcase rolled into Wales!  Hosted by Stephan Dante and Tubsy Dholki Walla, and was a great success!


Our latest event reached Millions worldwide through the press and social media. 


Scroll down to view some of the videos, Images, and information about the event.


Check out our previous event here.  Get a feel for the Fashion, music, and entertainment that will be coming your way on the 20th of April.  Want to know more about the G Salvatore Fashion showcase, just google it and read the fantastic articles from around the world about this exclusive Fashion and musical event.

About G Salvatore Fashion

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Gianni Salvatore

The idea for G. Salvatore LTD (G.S) dates back to 2014 when Gianni Ali launched a limited-edition tailor fit leather apparel brand for men and women. This limited-edition launch was designed to ‘get a feel’ for how the UK fashion market would react to a fully “tailored fit” clothing brand. The launch of the brand was very successful and culminated with two launch shows in Cardiff. As a result of these shows, G. Salvatore secured sales from Def Leppard, Tini Temper, Calum Best, Jason Derulo as well as a host of other celebrities.


Gianni's real passion for fitted clothing that changes how you feel combined with his love of comics and heroes from his childhood lead to him creating a style that could combine the two together.

Gianni started designing clothes in the mid-1990’s. This started when he was in school he had a burning desire (like many youngsters) to be a little different and stand out.  His genius first came to light designing clothes was using his father’s old, tired leather jackets. They were too big for him so he had to “tailor” them in order for them to fit but it wasn’t until his mother took him to get a made-to-measure leather jacket that he understood the power of a tailored garment and what it brings to styling.  This was when the great man was truly born as a Fashion designer. His ambition has always been to create a line of tailor-made clothes for the public. He understood that there are many people in the world that feel unconfident with their bodies and some of this embarrassment is actually caused by wearing clothes that don’t fit correctly – He wanted to change this!


Now his brand has attracted attention from manufacturers who work with Dolce&Gabbana and All Saints and other great names of fashion and entertainment. These manufacturers have commissioned several of his designs. 


"Achieving a perfect fit for my client and giving them confidence and the look they desire is what I am all about."


This is the Mantra of Gianni Salvatore.  This is the ethos he now brings to his unique clothing line.  GS Clothing is here and it is going to take the market by storm

About Luxuria by

Agnes Szepligeti

Luxury Fashion designer Agnes Szepligeti
Hungarian designer Agnes Szepligeti

Agnes Szepligeti is a Hungarian couture designer, based in London.


She combines a provocative feminine line with the classic clothes she designs and creates unique, bespoke couture dresses with the finest materials upon special request. 

In her clothes, she combines a provocative feminine line with the classic traditions to reflect today’s modern woman’s versatility.


Her unique family heritage has helped her love of fashion with generations of craftsmanship being passed down and taught from childhood. 

This knowledge and passion that is obvious through her stunning pieces. 

Nothing proves better her legitimacy as a couture designer than when 
Agnes became the leader of the Couture & Art Team of the 
National Fashion League of Hungary.


Check out the photos from the G Salvatore Fashion showcase in Wales.

Models:  Sophie Levine, Ross Lewis, Ellie Murray Ara Mahmood, Arissa Sumalee, Henrietta Szentes, Geraint Whitcombe.  

Photography by Marcin Daleki and Shlepp Entertainment courtesy of Shlepp Entertainment Ltd.



The second G Salvatore Fashion showcase in Wales boasts a line up of international stars and talent.  Hosted by Award-winning singer and songwriter Stephan Dante and Bhangra legend Tubsy Dholki Walla.  The show will feature the Chinese star and Master Singer Jane Maria.  Reggae great Toyin Adekale along with American Rap star BWA Kane.  Music by DJ Ninja.


Click on their posters below to find out more and visit their websites.

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