Welcome to the official website of MO'Sax.  Singer, Saxophonist, songwriter, and performer.  Produced by Stevie Eagle E, MO'Sax brings a new sound, style, and vibe, some of the old and some of the new, much we have lost and much we have not really heard comes together with the Mo'Sax sound.


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Sunday 19th April

7.20pm live online

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Love Reflection and Hope TV event


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Listen to the debut Single 'Dream Chaser' From the Debut Album of Mo'Sax also called 'Dream Chaser

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Mo'Sax (Maureese Itson) is a renowned Inspirational Saxophonist in Seattle who started off in Atlanta. His passion to inspire and for music extends far beyond being an exceptional saxophonist.  Mo'Sax has an amazing voice and range and is also a great songwriter and performer.

He began his love for music growing up in Atlanta, GA. Retired from the Air Force where he spent 20 plus years serving. 

Throughout Seattle and beyond MoSax has commanded a great deal of respect on the music scene working with many talented artists and bands.  Now he has got together with Stevie Eagle E and together they are creating a new sound bringing together all of his musical abilities on his debut album 'Dream Chaser.'

There has never been an artist quite like Mo'Sax.  He does it all.

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MO'SAX live Reheasal

London, United Kingdom

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