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Sunday 5th of April 2020 An exclusive online live interactive musical event with legends from the music industry.

Sunday 5th April 2020 from 7 pm (British Standard Time) to 10.20 pm we will present an online musical and interactive event starring three musical greats.  Leee John of imagination, Toyin Adekale and Noel Mckoy will each individually (from home) present a live musical experience followed by a Q&A session.

The event will raise vital funds for the Royal Free Hospital and NHS ($9.99 to watch the event is live and will not be put up online for the foreseeable future) as we are about to approach what will be perhaps the most challenging time in our recent history as Coronavirus is set to really hit in the UK.  Our hope is that this show will not only help the NHS but also help those that tune in to find Love, Reflection and hope moving forward into an uncertain future.  For full details on how to tune in, the schedule and how to contribute please read below.

details and information 

Book your seat now to this exclusive online event. Details and information below


VENUE:  LIVE ONLINE 7 pm – 10.20 pm

COST:  $9.99 (funds will be donated to Royal Free Hospital NHS)

LOGIN INFO:  You will receive the login link by email a few minutes before the show

PURCHASE:  you can purchase your pass to watch the show in two ways. 1 Directly from here using the buy now buttons or from NHS donation website here.

DONATE:  When you purchase a pass we automatically make a donation to the NHS however, you can donate any amount on our fundraising page here  or scan the QR code below to donate any amount to the Royal Free Hospital (note direct donations using the QR code do not get you a pass to the event.  if you wish to watch the event you must donate on this page or here.


7 pm  Noel Mckoy ‘Love your life Session’ Noel Mckoy Singer-songwriter and producer performs songs from his musical collaborations in Music / Film /TV and Theatre. This will be the first time Noel's ever performed some these songs.

7.30 pm Noel Mckoy online Q&A

8 pm  Short break

8.05 pm  Toyin Adekale ‘Shine into the future’ musical session. The chart-topping Queen of Reggae and will perform tracks from her new album along with gospel and reggae greats including perhaps her no.1 reggae hits.


8.35 pm  Toyin Adekale online Q&A

9.05 pm  Short break

9.10 pm  A musical moment with Leee John of Imagination  A live unplugged experience from the multiple chart-topping no.1 selling lead man from Imagination


9.40 pm Leee John Q&A

10.10 pm  Short break

10.15 pm  A goodnight message from Stevie Eagle E head of Shlepp Entertainment/Shlepp TV


10.20 pm  Close

How to watch

When you purchase a pass from this website or donate on our crowdfunding donations site we take your email address.  

Your email address is needed to send you an exclusive pass link to watch the event live on our YouTube channel.  Your link will be sent to you before each show starts so make sure you check your email as without the link you will not be able to watch the show.  When you purchase a pass or donate on our crowdfunding donation site you will get an email confirmation from us.  YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR PASS LINK UNTIL JUST BEFORE EACH SHOW.  So for each separate show you will receive a unique link one for Noel Mckoy, one for Toyin Adekale and one for Leee John of Imagination.  Your payment of $9.99 covers you for all three shows. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel now so you get all the updates and are ready to watch the show.

Shlepp TV Love Reflection and hope tv show donating the the NHS