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EEDB (Eagle E and Doc B) got together in the Early nineties when Artist and musician Stevie Eagle E got together with Producer Peter Doc B.  Stevie Eagle E previously known as just Stevie E met with Peter Doc B in the UK on tour from the USA.  The two immediately hit it off and EEDB was formed.  Initially, they were not called EEDB, but Stevie E and the NAN (New Age Nation).  

EEDB went on to produce, write for and perform with some of the biggest stars in the UK and beyond.  Including legendary artists from the USA. Their own music style was often ahead of its time and they changed styles many times throughout.  They had hits with dance, pop and UK garage or 2 step as well as RnB and Hip Hop.

After over 15 years together EEDB parted ways to focus on different things and reunited in 2018.  Between them, Stevie Eagle E and Peter Doc B have produced, written for, performed with the biggest names on the planet and performed in front of over 10 million people worldwide.  Now they are back with a bang making another assault on the music scene from Brazil to the UK, USA and beyond.  

Respected globally in the music industry EEDB now want to make their mark fully on the scene and leave an enduring legacy of music.




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