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(The hip hop robin hood)
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Kaos MC head of Lokos Da Favela

We do not pretend to be perfect.  We do not pretend to have the answer to all of life's problems.  We stand for the people including them in what we do and giving them back in every way we can from the beginning.  We are the Lokos of Da Favela Family.  We Give, we love, we drink, we play, we help, we rap, we sing, we fight, we teach we are the Favela and the Favela is us. We use our music and what it gives us to help our community and we fight the negativity not with words but with actions and example.  Join us and change the world not with talk but with action.

Kaos MC Biography

Brazilan rap star Kaos MC

Shlepp Entertainment Present: Kaos MC (The Hip Hop Robin Hood)


Born in the Favelas of Brazil Jailson N. Rodrigues aka Kaos Mc had to make a choice to follow his passion for music or live the street life. He chose music.


Kaos Mc began his artistic career in 2005 with the Vid'ativa group that ended in mid-2007, from Itinga's Lauro de Freitas - Bahia, he continued his solo career, starting a partnership with DOC B PRODUCTIONS in 2015, which led to their new album titled "O Final Coence Bem ". Both were already part of the Rap scene. Working with International producer Peter Doc B elevated Kaos to new heights and also introduced him to International artists.


Kaos and Doc B have now started a rap movement that has that includes: Mr. Jack and Bull Dogg the LF Family - 'Lokos da Favela'. (positive movement through hip hop in the local communities)

Staying in the Favela and using his name, success, and money to help the people of the Favela have earned him the tag:

'Hip Hop Robin Hood'.

Kaos Mc is now with Shlepp Entertainment Ltd/Shlepp Records run by Stevie Eagle E based in the UK and the US and his debut single features "TITO JACKSON", and "ALEX BOYE", along with fellow rapper Bull Dog.


Kaos continues to grow both in Brazil and internationally, breaking down boundaries and taking the sound of the Favela global with collaborations with, Jamaican reggae artists like Richie Spice and Chinese artists like Opera singer Jane Maria.

Kaos also features on the return single of production and artists team EEDB (Eagle E and Doc B) from Europe and the USA.

The story and fame of Kaos MC continue to grow as he reaches out globally to bring his unique smooth and classy style of rap to the rest of the world.


Get ready for Kaos Mc.

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