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Stevie Eagle E - Bio

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Biography - Stevie Eagle E

Chart-Topping Artist, songwriter and producer

Award-winning Filmmaker

Grammy-Nominated video director and producer

Half of Dynamic artist and production Duo EEDB

CEO and founder of Shlepp Entertainment Ltd

PR and Marketing Guru


With over 35 years’ experience in the music and entertainment industry, it’s fair to say that Stevie Eagle E has experienced, first-hand great diversity in the entertainment industry as a whole. Born with the given name: Stephen Ellis. Stevie Eagle E started performing at the age of 6. He was born in London but raised in several countries, including New York (First North Babylon Long Island and then Brownsville Brooklyn) due to his parent’s separation and his mother’s ill health. Stevie Eagle E’s parents were both from Jamaica. With his 2 brothers and 2 sisters they formed a Jackson 5 type act and performed for friends, family, and anyone else who would listen, how could he have known then that he would end up writing, producing and performing with his icons the Jacksons?


Stevie Eagle E (Stephen Ellis) also known as Eagle E now focuses his vast knowledge, experience and talents on finding and developing Artists, projects, films and projects for Shlepp Entertainment and for others as well as writing, producing as EEDB (Eagle E and Doc B) and producing films, videos, and projects for global consumption.


In his early teens, Stevie Eagle E was an established musician. As a percussionist, he was well known on the British reggae scene. By the age of 15, his remarkable musical ability earned him a scholarship into the London’s School Symphonic and Concert Orchestras. Stevie Eagle E was one of the few people of colour to play in those orchestras at that time. Later on in life, he received his Master's degree with honours from the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, a constituent college of the University of Arts, London, which has an outstanding international reputation as well as being considered one of the world’s leading arts and design institutions. He impressed so much at Central St Martins he was invited to teach his new ideas in Sound Design at Masters level.


Along with his cousin Jazz saxophonist, Courtney Pine Stevie Eagle E played with the Courtney pine Jazz Quartet for a while and also was part of reggae philharmonic movement. It was at this time that Stevie Eagle E began to fine-tune his own writing and production skills.


Fast forward again several years and Stevie Eagle E has now become known with a new form of music called rap. From the age of 10 when he cut his first record, Stevie Eagle E has been a part of the R&B, Reggae and Rap Scene. Working with artists such as Courtney Pine, Frankie Paul, Freddie McGregor, Smiley Culture, Peter Andre, Mark Morrison, Jocelyn Brown, Kym Mazelle, The Flirtations, Ready 4 the world, Jazzy B, Imagination, Sam Fox, Mica Paris, Mystique, Judy Mowatt from the Wailers, Ziggy Marley, Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, in fact, the list goes on and on.  Check out some of the people Stevie Eagle E has performed with, written for, produced, and worked with here.


Stevie Eagle E boasts that 'there is only 2 degrees of separation from him and any artist, producer on the planet who has done anything'. Working with top producers like Stock, Aikman and Waterman, David Hawk Wolinski, Jazzy B, Trevor Horne, Peter Doc B, Nate Harley,  and many others has also helped mould Stevie Eagle E into the unique animal he has become today.


When one digs into the history of Stevie Eagle E we find a man that is involved in the very fabric of the entertainment industry on so many levels, from Pirate Radio stations, building community projects and making TV shows it seems there is no end to what Stevie Eagle E has done and can do. He has a ‘No boundaries’ philosophy which has now taken him into Film, PR, Marketing and Management at the highest levels.

Stevie Eagle E and Pete Doc B known as EEDB
Stevie Eagle E Nominated or a Grammy for his Mahdah Urf Video

He was the founding member of the biggest urban pirate radio station in the UK Time radio from which stations such as Kiss FM and Choice FM were eventually formed.


As part of the production team, EEDB Eagle E and Doc B Stevie Eagle and his partner Doc B played a great part in the British re-emergent R&B scene as one of the Garage Pioneers. So it comes as no surprise that Stevie Eagle E would be behind Chinese most promising international prospect ever - Ayi Jihu. It was when Stevie Eagle E and Doc B had success with Hong Kong-born singer Leslie Loh, with a track called satisfied, which went to the top of the Music Week charts worldwide that Stevie realised that there was a future in developing a Chinese crossover artist. Satisfied made Leslie Loh the first Chinese artist ever to reach the top of any Western Chart.


Stevie Eagle E realised that a ‘Trueborn’ Chinese Artist with talent, Swag, integrity and the ability to communicate to the world visually as well as through speech could succeed where so many Chinese artists had so far failed. He also understood that the Chinese just like any other culture or nation desired one of their own to be successful in popular music culture. So he set about developing Ayi Jihu into China’s first independent crossover artist. The so-called ‘Chinese Madonna’. This has put Stevie Eagle E and Shlepp Entertainment in a unique position. He has been able to achieve things no one else has done before. He has forged relationships with government and business and companies at the highest level in Asia. His respect and growing understanding for China and its people and culture and time he spent there building bridges and also breaking down doors paid off in the end. He shot the first reality TV show in Macau (China) Asianstar24. He has done all of this and remained his own man, independent as well as keeping his artist Ayi Jihu independent from mainstream forces worldwide thus far.


Ayi Jihu has gone on to become a known celebrity worldwide, making history with almost everything she does. Working with legends such as Tito Jackson and Grammy award winners like Steve Russell Harts. She was also the first Chinese artist to be officially invited to perform at the carnival in Brazil. These are just some of the historic and groundbreaking things Ayi Jihu has achieved under the mentorship and leadership of Stevie Eagle E.

Stevie Eagle E found, Developed an produced the Chinese Madonna Ayi Jihu

Fast forward once again to now and we find Stevie Eagle E venturing into film. His Fearchaser™ Film is set to be a blockbuster production and has captured the imagination of millions; it has already been turned into a successful online game played by 25 million people worldwide. He has made award-winning short films and continues to grow into all areas of the entertainment industry. Stevie Eagle E also has developed a Social Networking empire reaching over 15 million people a month worldwide through his Marketing, PR, Social Networking and News sites.


Stevie Eagle E and Shlepp Entertainment Ltd continue to grow and diversify staying ahead of the ever-changing trends in music and entertainment as well as leading the way in many ways. This has been proved by artist such as Brazilian rap star Kaos Mc, Uk child prodigy Phoebe Austin, Chinese Opera star Jane Maria and others now under the umbrella of Shlepp Entertainment Ltd.  His philosophy is simple and can be found in the name of his company Shlepp. Hard work and integrity is what Stevie Eagle E is all about. ‘The talent and genius are a given, but without the rest you have nothing’.


2019 saw the reemergence of EEDB (Stevie Eagle E and Doc B) and 2 chart-topping singles for Stevie Eagle E and EEDB 3 chart-topping singles for Shlepp Entertainment Ltd.  2020 looks like it is going to be an interesting year and new decade for 'The Eagle' Stevie Eagle E.

Stevie Eagle E, found, developed and produced the Chinese Madonna - Ayi Jihu

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