Stephan Dante.

Download the Award Winning best Rnb/Rap track 'Nails Did' from the amazing Stephan Dante.  The Urban Poet, singer and songwriter making waves in the UK and spreading her wings all over the world.  

Stephan  Dante




Musically we are living in a time that is crying out for a different voice.  A different type of artist and personality, someone who has a unique but real view of our society, it’s highs and lows and the pressures we now face today and who can express it through her music.


Introducing, Stephan Dante.  That voice, that artist, that personality. 

Born in the late ’80s, Her mother is from Kumasi in Ghana and her father is from the West Indies. She has developed an eclectic and eccentric style of song writing and singing forged from her own experiences and battles in life and her love of expression.


At first she expressed this through acting starting off in school as many do it was soon clear that she had an amazing talent for writing.  Her passion for writing and expression got the attention of her teachers.  One teacher Ms. Thorpe made it a point to tell her: ‘Never stop writing’.


In the formative years of high school, Stephan Dante was diagnosed with a rare skin disorder called: Angio edema causing her skin to swell up disfiguring her whole appearance.  These were hard trying times for Stephan Dante.  The physical, social and emotional turmoil this caused along with having a child at a young age damaged her.  Her writing and music, being able to express her feelings along with her strong faith in god got her through it.

Fighting depression, social issues and her then addiction to cannabis could have crushed her as these things crush and destroy so many.  However instead of folding she expressed her feelings and experiences in poetry and writings including songs.  She would sing all the time developing and fine tuning her craft, only at that time she did not know she was doing that.  For her it was just a release.


If you ask her now she will tell you:  ‘Music played a great part in helping me get through my troubles.  I began to realise and understand the power of good music and great writing and I wanted to help others through my music the way artists like Prince, Jill Scot, Michael Jackson, TLC, Joe, Aaliya, Missy Elliott, Shyne and Bob Marley had helped me.’

Great talent, true heart and expression cannot stay hidden for long.  Like any diamond, someone will discover it and so it occurred when she met her manager to be Christoper Godson (well known for working with artists like K-Koke) in 2010 while working in a bagel shop in West Ealing.  Her gregarious and infectious nature caught his attention prompting a deeper conversation in which she expressed her desire to be a singer songwriter.


After meeting up again the Diamond that is Stephan Dante was unearthed and she began to work with Christopher writing for several artists including working on her own material.  Not content with this she also started to write several short stories and books as well as poetry.  Her desire and need to create and express was now in full swing.  Stephan Dante could tell her story.


Known to many as Hummingbird (her spiritual name given to her by her father) Stephan Dante has this to say about her growth and spirit name:  ‘My father told me that I was a hummingbird because I was able to navigate the problems of life in a way many others could not.  He told me that if a hummingbird was surround by thorns it could fly up, back, left or right to escape, where all other birds would just be trapped.  He told me to always be the hummingbird and never to let life’s circumstances trap me like thorns and even in my darkest moments I have tried to be the hummingbird, to defy convention, find a solution, fly backwards if needed to escape’.


The writing and music of Stephan Dante is an inner vision of life and the experience of living in this complex world from a young beautiful woman who has been there and done that.  Not wishing to be pigeon holed or boxed in Stephan Dante skips between, hard core 909 and 808 driving beats and rhythms to acoustic sets and orchestral manoeuvres.


‘I’m a little bit Schizoid’ She will tell you. ‘I feel I have several personalities running around in my head and I want to give them all a voice in my music.’ And that she does with her insightful and real writing and her beautiful unique voice and expression.

The world is crying out for a different voice a new expression and view and that voice and view is here in the form of Singer Songwriter Stephen Dante.

London, United Kingdom

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