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As far back as he can remember, Sam has had a connection with music. he enjoyed it so much that as a child, he wrote short songs and would sing them to himself. This became a passion as Sam grew up.

If you ask his father he will tell you Sam did not start of a great singer, but his perseverance eventually released his talent.  On long trips across the USA with his parents, Sam was only given a CD player and headphones to entertain himself.  As his father puts it.  'We started on trip and Sam was not very good, but by the time we finished that trip, he was good'.

As a teenager, he would put his favorite Christian music CDs on for long road trips with my parents and sing his heart out—whether I was in tune or not.  Sam continued to get better.

He began composing seriously when he was 19 years old after an event that almost took his life. It became a way for Sam to express and share the passions, dreams, and faith. Composing led to arranging, which resulted in working with his church’s praise and worship team in creating, developing, and recording its first album.

Sam continued composing throughout the years—each song telling a story that related, not just to him, but to many others. From the celebration of life to the loss of the love of one’s life, each song composed brought something different to those who listened. People began to take more and more notice of Sam and his musical abilities.


Sam began to expand his passion and knowledge of music to those around him building his on 'Faith' ensemble of talented musicians, writing and arranging all the parts as well as leading them on performances.  Sam's fame began to grow, but so did the respect from the community for all he brought them. 

In his musical prime, Sam felt he needed to do more to help others and steel himself for what was to come so he put music aside and spent three years in New York City reaching out to inner-city children. These children heard nothing but messages of despair and helplessness that they will become another statistic—that they should stop dreaming and hoping for a bright future as it will never come true. Sam spent three years encouraging, inspiring, and instilling hope that these children can be more than what they have been programmed to be, he understood that his gift of music was more relevant and needed in reaching these kids.  Galvanised Sam returned home to Tacoma Washington picking up his musical mantle where he left of more focused than ever before.


All Sam needed to take him further was the right person, or opportunity, which arrived in the form of Shlepp Entertainment supremo Stevie Eagle E.


On a visit to Washington, Stevie Eagle E was told about an amazing singer, songwriter, and composer hidden away in Tacoma whom he should go and see.

Stevie Eagle E took that advice and went to see this young musical genius he was told about.

The rest as they say 'Is history'.

Now Sam is working on his debut single and Album being produced by Stevie Eagle E and this young man on a mission of helping people find faith through music is on his way.  


Faith music is born.  What is it?  It's something just a little bit different.

Yours faithfully

Sam Driz


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