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Welcome to the website of Shlepp Entertainment model Arissa Star.  A beautiful, talented and professional model with an athletic, fit and toned body, a beautiful smile and a character that will bring that little bit of extra magic to your photo shoot, music video or film. 

Height 5 ft 4 inches
Waist 24 inches
Bust 32D
Clothing size 6 - 8
Body shape - Athletic, sexy


Arissa Star features in the Ragè 'Can't fake it' video


Born in Bangkok Thailand Arissa star moved to the UK when she was just 15 years old with one dream:  To become a professional model.

Several years later and Arissa Star is now living her dream as a Shlepp Entertainment premium model.

Arissa's Passion is travelling learning new languages and meeting new people.  Modeling gives her the opportunity to pursue this passion and meet many interesting people around the world in and out of the modeling industry.

Arissa's was brought up by her grandparents, her grandfather was from Laos and he traveled to Thailand to escape the war in his country.  He was only a small child at the time and was adopted by a Thai family.

Arissa's grandparents are like her parents and she credits them with bringing her up and giving her a start in life.

Now Arissa is in full swing as a model based in South Wales she loves to do all types of modeling from swimwear and sports to lingerie and fashion.

Hardworking, dedicated and professional Arissa star is looking to go all the way to the top of the modeling profession and with her looks, beauty, hard work and swagger who will bet against her making it there.


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London, United Kingdom

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